Spring & early Summer Season

from March to end of the June

menu – Sprouts, blossoms, spring feeling - the green menu for small gardens
March 14-15-16 | 21-22-23 | 28-29-30.

Let's take a stroll through the busy energies: this menu is all about new greens, twigs protecting orchards and the smell of wet earth. Fresh furrows, sprouting seeds, birds and found eggs, tiny tools, the ongoing stew rehabilitation programme and then some greenhouse gardening add up to a little alchemy of the season. For those of you who just enjoy the garden this time of year, we welcome you here in the evenings!

menu – Sheep, bird nests, wreaths - Menu for the month of Easter
April 4-5-6 | 11-12-13 | 18-19-20 | 25-26-27.

Bright greens, edible nests, nettle wreaths, succulent turmeric, new wild mushrooms and tasty cuts of lamb are the backbone of the Easter menu. We'll also be showing fragrant green morels and kohlrabi petals, cherry blossom snow, but there will be egg dumplings with lettuce hearts - all arranged in round wreaths in the embrace of the patron saints. The menu will be accompanied by green juices, Rieslings and Sauvignon blanc.

menu – Asparagus, Strawberries, Elderflowers - The menu of the first land harvests
May 2-3-4 | 11-12-13 | 18-19-20 | 25-26-27.

May is the season of the springing up and the blossoming of flowers, with all the happy trivialities of sunshine, elderflowers and green picnics. Traditionally, it's a month of culinary rhymes: eight courses of light gastropoetry on the fast-vanishing ingredients of spring. The menu is accompanied by a unique range of fresh natural and organic wines, only at Alkimista...

menu – Cherries, linden, almonds - Fresh fruit on the trees
May 30-31 and June 1 | 6-7-8.

The end of spring brings a new red crispness to the table, along with delicate pieces of roast duck, pink bubbles, sweet kohlrabi, tart rhubarb, almonds and cherry custard. It might as well be red snow!

menu – Meadow mowing, Beehives, Fireflies - The summer-scented meadow
June  13-14-15 | 20-21-22 | 27-28-29.

Garden grasses, wild flowers, green peaches, new potatoes, veal, clove mushrooms, dill, bedding milk, corn, gooseberry sauce and buttered honey bread are the backbone of the selection. This menu is like lying in a rich, blooming meadow, watching the clouds float over the plains and then setting off barefoot into summer. The summer solstice. A time of blissful relaxation and unlimited countryside excursions arrives in the month of St. Ivan.