Winter season

from 11 January to 30 March

menu – Apple, cider, horseradish, smoke - The Winter's Tale
January 11-12-13 | 18-19-20 | 25-26-27.

The most rustic culinary immersion of the season, telling the story of the value of dry fires and a full pantry every year. The menu is a day in the life of an old man on a farm, a journey "from outdoors to indoors, from morning to afternoon", from frozen leeks to fireplace hearth. Mustard ice-cream, bacon, hot horseradish soup, smoked catfish, sea buckthorn, apples in many varieties, herbal tincture and inhalation are the beautiful elements of the story.


menu – Carnival, Furmint, Holiness
February  1-2-3 | 8-9-10 | 15-16-17 | 22-23-24.

The month of contrasts: icy dawns and the first warm rays of sunshine, the approach of Lent of moderation, but also the abundance of carnival feasts. February is also a month of silent lambs, silent shepherds' songs and raucous end-of-winter parties. We'll be interpreting the mood with beautiful furmints, and our plates will be filled with doughnuts, heavy brown walnut soup, light milk and sheep's cheese dumplings.

menu – Parsnips, acids, fresh sprouts – in Lenten season
February 29, March 1-2 | 7-8-9.

The ingenious Lenten tasting menu arrives: we show you the flavours of old vegetables concentrated in slow-fire roasting, beautiful fish in herb smoke, here dwells the cyber soup, lukewarm brown breads and vegetable steaks, rich in degustation without meat. The menu is prepared with traditional techniques, accompanied by fresh shoots, crisp wines, herbal tea infusions and herbal tinctures, in a spirit of purification.

menu coming soon

menu – Sprouts, blossoms, spring feeling - the green menu for small gardens
March 14-15-16 | 21-22-23 | 28-29-30.

Let's take a stroll through the busy energies: this menu is all about new greens, twigs protecting orchards and the smell of wet earth. Fresh furrows, sprouting seeds, birds and found eggs, tiny tools, the ongoing stew rehabilitation programme and then some greenhouse gardening add up to a little alchemy of the season. For those of you who just enjoy the garden this time of year, we welcome you here in the evenings!

menu coming soon