Dear Guests!

We have opened the booking platform for the SPRING CULINARY SEASON of 2023. You can browse or download the themes of the evenings here and under "CALENDAR". Detailed spring menus will be published soon!

2023  tavasz | spring season

március 2- május 27. 

Buds, spikes, birdsong - The menu for spring gardens
March 23-24-25  |  30-31 - April 1st

We take a stroll through the greening small gardens, and dish up all that's now on its way to the light: herbaceous edible soil, warm twigs of twigwort protecting the fruit and bird's eggs made from them. We'll show you the best of spinach, pistachios, kale and fresh tarragon, make parsley soup with chamomile juice, and finish the menu with a little gardening in a palm-sized greenhouse...

Lambs, nests, wreaths - the menu for the month of Easter
April 6-7-8 | 13-14-15 | 20-21-22 | 27-28-29.

Bright greens, tiny edible nests, nettle wreaths, succulent turmeric, violets, tulip lettuce, new wild mushrooms and tasty cuts of lamb are the backbone of the Easter menu. We'll also be showing fragrant green morels and kohlrabi petals, cherry blossom snow, but there will also be egg dumplings with lettuce hearts - all under the magic of the patron saints, arranged in wreaths, in 9 batches.

Asparagus, strawberries, elderflowers - a menu of the first harvests
May 4-5-6  |  11-12-13  |  18-19-20.

May is coming, full of happy interludes like sunshine, elderflowers and green picnics. Here, it's a month of culinary rhymes: nine courses of light gastropoetry on lovable new ingredients. The menu is accompanied by a unique range of natural wines and slow press juices, only at Alkimista...

Bush cress, petals, doves - the Pentecost menu
May 25-26-27

Pentecost is a season and a feast, and every Pentecost has its ancient customs: it is the time of the breaking of the green branches, the harvest of the first stone fruits, but also the time of the first young chicks and the election of the Pentecost King. We tell you about privileges, symbols, cherries, healing pigeon soup and rosemary bushmeat in nine courses. Traditional holiday references come with a modern interpretation.