The Alkimista was born from a question and the desire of sharing. Our question was: Are we able to create a hidden cuisine with our 21st century mindset, which is based on an ancient culinary culture that we can all claim ours? Are we able to make it likeable, maybe even admirable? Each night, we curiously look for the answer, interpret it through our language of food, and share it with our guest. Our cuisine eagers to own this type of hospitality.

As ever, the Big Plain (also known as Alföld) and the Danube-Tisza river road provided the majority of the food supplies in Hungary. The different and various cooking methods of this region created the bases and the theorems of Hungarian cuisine. Therefore, to us, regionality and local food mean loved, familiar ingredients through which we express ourselves, and through which we also create a culinary identity with a join language. We often draw from the traditional, so called "peasant-cuisine", we get pur inspiration from our ancestors' techniques and recipes from hundreds of years ago, and we search the valuable habits while interpreting everything to 21st century environment. The Alkimista is today's interpretation of our ancient memories.

Our concepts other main ingredient is the personal character of the restaurant, meaning we involve our guests to a story, both sensory and mentally. The Chef is the mastermind and the storyteller who guides everyone through the journey of the dinner.

Since our guests plan ahead, reserve beforehand and arrive to our dinner-night prepared, they help us tell longer series of stories and maintain a clean, sustainable, no-waste kitchen.


We serve our guests three nights a week - Thursday, Friday, Saturday -, the dinner goes on from 19.00 to 22.00. Apart from these nights, we also welcome guests on private dining nights, on customized dates.

The Alkimista offers tasting menus: with 7-9 courses paired with 4-5 beverages. You can make a reservation here, on our website.

We mainly work with clean ingredients, and natural bio wines. For the whole experience, we recommend consuming the whole menu, including alcoholic beverages, but we also offer a non-alcoholic variety with paired juices, teas and infusions.


For those who would like to enjoy a more private experience, in a closed circle, we offer a private dining experience, from lunch to dinner. These require a group of st least 8 people and prior contacting with the Chef. The restaurant is ideal for smaller groups, may it be friends, family, or business related events. If you would like to enjoy our private dining experience, please contact us.