winter season

The season of dark afternoons, small fires and celebration is upon us. From November to the end of February, six grand tasting menus follow each other, showcasing the best of the season and the region. Rich soups, succulent teas, wild mushrooms, bacon, aromatic smokes, full-bodied organic wines, ciders and craft beers are joined in January by mangalica and champagnes, treasures from the lowland's frost chambers and a modern winter farewell written for a carnival.

Menus and dates


January  5-6-7 | 12-13-14.
Mangalica, bubbles, lenses - heavy materials, lightweight.
In the opening menu of the new year comes a waltz of thick mangalica and sleek champagnes...

January 19-20-21 | 26-27-28 | February 2-3-4.
Apple, cider, horseradish, smoke... - Winter Story
A rustic, lowland culinary tale from the frozen and motionless farmhouse set.

February 9-10-11 | 16-17-18 | 23-24-25.
Furmint, carnival, doughnuts - a pastoral to celebrate the end of winter
The menu will feature silent lambs, merry masqueraders and a line-up of ribbon doughnuts, as well as brown walnut soup, smoked milk pill, sheep's cheese dumplings, bacon sorbet and our favourite organic furmint…